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Dr Alon Aviram

Dr. Alon Aviram is accredited by the British Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), the British Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Psychotherapy (AFT), the Israeli Association for Family and Couple Therapy, and the Israeli Multidisciplinary Association for Psychotherapy.
With extensive experience in therapeutic work across psychiatric departments and private practice, Dr. Aviram has addressed a broad spectrum of mental health challenges. These range from severe psychological issues such as schizophrenia, suicidality, and eating disorders to mental difficulties arising from a stressful lifestyle, relationship problems, self-exploration, or a general feeling of being stuck in life.

Years of working in diverse settings and his private clinic, along with a personal experience, inspired Dr. Aviram to assist Israelis abroad. Consequently, his primary focus is now on providing online mental therapy.

Dr. Aviram believes in integrating diverse therapeutic methods and prioritizes building a deep therapeutic relationship. This relationship serves as the foundation for meaningful change, leading to an improved quality of life.
All communication is confidential and discreet, adhering to strict professional standards, and Dr. Aviram carries full professional liability insurance.


  • Bachelor's degree Bsw social work
    Tel Aviv University

  • Diploma Studies (GDip) Family Therapy
    Tavistock Institute, London, England

  • Advanced Diploma Studies (PGDip) Family Therapy
    King's College University, London, England (with honors)

  • MSc Family Therapy and Systemic Psychotherapy
    King's College University, London, England (with honors)

  • PhD, The Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (The research thesis focused on online couple therapy)​

Additional Trainings

Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) - London March 2019

Couples therapy using the Gutman method - Level 1

ACT course for beginners

​​​Professional licensure 

  • The Israeli Association for Family and Couples Therapy
    Full clinical member (2352)

  • Israeli Multidisciplinary Association for Psychotherapy
    Full Clinical Member (219)

  • British Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP)
    Full clinical member (2011167849)

  • British Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Psychotherapy (AFT)
    Full clinical member (2094978)

  • Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services in Israel
    Full clinical member (28722)​​​​

My Journey with Online Therapy

My connection to online therapy began when I was looking for therapy for myself. During my psychotherapy training in London, I realized that I had been running on autopilot for quite some time. I had lost my joy for life and was merely surviving, which caused me a great deal of frustration. I knew I couldn't continue like this, so I started searching for a therapist. Following a recommendation from a professor, I found an English therapist.


She was actually Colombian but had lived in London for many years. In each session, I spent a lot of time trying to find the right English words to describe my feelings. It was hard to convey basic emotions rooted in the Israeli experience. Bridging the cultural and language gaps left little time to process my feelings and challenges. Despite us both being immigrants, there was a fundamental common ground that was missing.

This experience led me to understand that I needed a professional who spoke Hebrew, understood my cultural background, and was familiar with the challenges of relocation. I wanted someone who had gone through what I was experiencing—an Israeli therapist who could help me work through my difficulties in a way that felt natural and understood. This realization is what drives my work today with Israelis and Hebrew speakers, both couples and individuals, living abroad.

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